Your Guide to The Ultimate Health Membership

RoyalVibe Health’s comprehensive system consists of six major components.

The following services form part of your overall package when you choose to either lease or own a RoyalVibe Health device.

Use the Health Analyzing Kit on your wrist to receive a full body scan in 60-seconds. The scan will result in a complete health report with details on:

  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Potential health risks such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes and more.

Based on the plan you choose; you will receive detailed results and feedback from our doctor panel either weekly or monthly.

Our doctor panel will provide you nutritional treatment scripts in the form of either specific foods or supplementation. Nutrition plays an essential role in your immune response, the foundation of all healing in the body.

Included in your treatment scripts is our focused ultrasound treatment. This treatment is implemented by the RoyalVibe ultrasound device and has an ultrasound generator that creates the function of the treatment and a transmitter that transmits the treatment. This ultrasound transmission then zones in on the damaged cells to repair them.

We all recognise the power of our minds, but never have the opportunity to harvest it to our benefit. Until now. Utilizing image and affirmation scripts you created with the help of our instructions, our virtual glasses will help you visualize those affirmations and apply the power of the mind for holistic healing. The subconscious mind controls as much as 98% of decision-making and behavior that creates your reception and reality. Our BrainVibe entrains the subconscious mind (called neuroplasticity) to achieve this desired end result.

Completely restructure your water by placing a container of water on the apparatus for about 10 minutes. It will create restructured, healthy water by transmitting energy to enhance molecular bonding, which improves hydration that promotes healthy organ function and communication between your cells and organs.

Nerves sends instruction either in fight-or-flight (which is stress) or harmonious for optimal organ functioning. For example, if you’re running from a lion, your digestive system signals are switched off and energy is sent to arm and legs to escape. This is the autonomic nervous system at work. If the nerve has a stress, it will create a muscle spasm. A muscle spasm will misalign the spine, influencing the signalling from the nerves in the spine. If we apply our transmission directly to the nerve, we are able to reset the nerve messaging to organ and body tissue functions. By doing this we replace a chiropractor’s function.

You receive two therapy balls to apply this treatment with clear video instructions to do at home as often as you need, even eliminating backpain.

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