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Heart Conditions

Serious conditions require serious actions! Focused Ultrasound is transforming the medical industry and for good reason. When conventional medicine can’t help people battling with heart conditions, there is comfort in knowing you still have options, and there is a solution. Listen to these two CellQuicken clients share their experiences. Hope never dissipates – should you choose to find it! They did.


For many, diabetes is a debilitating condition that requires ongoing, daily treatment/s. Too often, these treatments are short-lived, and never treat the cause of their diabetes but rather controls or attempts to control the effects of their diabetes. Over the years, people with diabetes develop resistance to their medication and have to keep increasing their medication to achieve the same result. Shouldn’t you reach a point where you think, perhaps it’s time to relook this condition and find a way to treat the cause of your diabetes and not just try to survive its symptoms? This is what CellQuicken does: it focuses on the cause or origin of the diabetes, as to eliminate the dreadful side-effects you are currently drinking medication for. Take a look at these CellQuicken clients’ stories: one even stopped injecting and treated himself with CellQuicken alone – the end-result will astound you.

Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Have you ever wondered what caused your high blood pressure and cholesterol? Before deciding on treatment, shouldn’t you address this cause first so that you can prevent future health risks? Why are we jumping to drink all types of medication just to suppress the symptoms that never once deal with the cause? Just like most of our clients, you can use this incredible product to treat your blood pressure and cholesterol AND use it to ensure the health of your whole family!


If asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways to the lungs, shouldn’t the first question be: what causes this inflammation and secondly, how do I treat this inflammation to prevent an asthma attack? Focused Ultrasound hones in on the problem areas within your body and aids recovery. Hear Dawn’s story in her own words, and her road to health and well-being.

Stroke Recovery

The damage caused by a stroke is distressing, but you have options; there is a solution and there is always hope. Take comfort in the following CellQuicken clients’ personal stories and their road to recovery. Don’t become disheartened.


Conventional cancer treatments work on the symptom, which is the cancer, and NOT on the cause of your cancer. You have to strengthen your immune system and enable it to fight-off these cancer cells, even more so if you are undergoing treatments as your immune system is severely compromised! These personal stories below may tug at a few heartstrings, but within their messages lies a story of hope, survival and a strong will to get the body healthy again.


The benefits experienced during the usage of CellQuicken is long-lasting. Why? This is because CellQuicken is focused on resolving the origin or cause of the ailment using the latest ultrasound technology. In fact, our clients make use of several programs to treat an array of conditions and acquire complete health and well-being.


Listen to the couple’s personal story below and what they experienced after using CellQuicken. Every small step achieved, over a long period, becomes huge milestones. Celebrate every milestone. We are driven to change peoples lives – that is why we do what we do!

General Well-Being

Whatever ailments or conditions you are faced with, you can take comfort in knowing that there is a solution with your CellQuicken device. Our goal is to help you achieve lifetime health, not a temporary so-called quick fix (which don’t exist). Headache? CellQuicken! Nausea? CellQuicken! Sore throat? CellQuicken. And so the list goes on…


Nobody wants to struggle through life with pain. A Lot of our actions are dictated by our drive to avoid pain at all costs. If we experience pain, we drink medication. If it doesn’t improve, we see doctors or specialists and consume stronger medication. If it still doesn’t improve, we go for medical procedures. But when do we reach a point where we say “enough,” now is the time to find the cause of this pain and focus on fixing the problem first, which ultimately results in the treatment of the pain.


This client’s kidney function increased from 8 to 11% after he started using CellQuicken, and it didn’t stop there. His eyesight improved so much that he was actually able to see someone else, something he was never able to do before. CellQuicken wants you to have hope, and to know that we are there to change your life by changing your health.


Yes, a positive mindset is critical, but seeing how CellQuicken actually improves animal’s lives was a huge eye-opener for some of our clients. Ultrasound benefits the health of all living things – not just humans.

Health and Energy

Vitality is key, nobody wants to feel sluggish and drained, as it steals your joy and ability to thrive at life. Life is about creating memories, spending time with those we love, and embracing all aspects of life. How can we do that when we don’t feel vibrant? How do we embrace life if we can’t achieve optimal health? Should we be drinking an unending list of supplements, specific foods that cost a fortune just to feel slightly better? No.


Dementia in any form is a scary disease for most, especially for the loved one’s of someone suffering with it. Listen to this incredible story of a man whose wife struggled with dementia and how CellQuicken Focused Ultrasound drastically improved her condition.

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