The Kit consists of hardware, software, online reporting, and comparisons of previous recordings. The sound signature is recorded by holding a probe in your hand and collecting data for 60 seconds. It is sufficient for interpretation and is displayed in a comprehensive graph comprising 250 elements. Each of the elements have an easy-to-understand description for non-medical minded people to understand the impact of the reading.


This device is an ultrasound generator that creates the therapeutic function of the prescribed treatment, designed by CellQuicken medical personnel in Germany. The RoyalVibe has a transmitter that lies next to the person whilst they are sleeping without any negative effects to a partner.

The transmission of the ultrasound is zoning in on the signatory sound of cells, organs, glands and functions as to indoctrinate the functionality of its origin.

The instruction of the generated ultrasound is sent via Bluetooth using a mobile app (Android and soon Apple), and has almost 7 000 preloaded treatments, as if it is a built-in pharmacy.

The application also holds more than 400 generic prescriptions, which are commonly found in communities, for interim treatment.


The nutrition report will indicate the shortages in vitamins, trace elements and co-enzymes. The report indicates the reason for the shortages and suggested food types to address said shortages without turning to supplementation.


The online facility makes the easy-to-read risk report accessible to the layman. Risks are indicated in factors and percentages showing the probability of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer, autoimmune disease, and more.


Aligning the spine is vital to comprehensive health, hence the reason why chiropractors are in high demand.
When a shoulder is drooping, hips and ears will be uneven (resulting in one leg being shorter than the other). Uneven ears all result in an unaligned spine (see picture below of ears being levelled – before and after).
Using the therapy balls, treating the nerve that controls the muscle to align the spine eliminates the need for chiropractor visits, and this therapy can be done daily if required. Benefits include relief from ADHD, headaches, hip and knee pain, depression, Parkinson’s, Glaucoma, forward head syndrome, and more.
Most clients booked for hip, knee or back operations postpone the surgery and commence with the spine align therapy and never need to return for further surgery. The spine align is extremely effective for scoliosis or those heading for spinal fusion.
The therapy is so easy that even children can do it without any adult supervision to eliminate behavioural outbursts such as tantrums.


By now you probably know that your subconscious mind controls your perception of reality, decision-making and beliefs regarding your capabilities and expectations of life.
The programming of the subconscious mind is created prior to age 7 with repetition of events that shape your beliefs. Thus beliefs are neurons that have created a neuropathway.
Neuropathways can be altered by changing the subconscious mind with new repetition programming. You use desirable photos to reset your body shape, your beliefs regarding your age, your health and even your career expectations and self-worth in terms of finances.
We all know the power of the mind being able to make you either ill or healthy, which has been well documented and is known as the placebo effect.
This is open-eye treatment called neuroplasticity to create new neuropathways activating the power of your mind.


The hydration of cells is vital to carry information throughout the body. By now we know our nervous system carries electrical current for systemic communication and hydration plays a significant role. When someone becomes dehydrated they are treated with products such as Rehydrate that has a lot of electrolytes to enter the cell for better cell communication. When the cell is well hydrated the natural electrolytes from salt and food particles enable optimal cell communication, enhancing the immune system.


Experiments conducted on the impact of sound on water has given us a better understanding of how our health can be impacted as our bodies are comprised of 70% and more water. The images displayed below indicate the structure of flash-freezed water after various sounds are transmitted. Take note how words evoking specific emotions affect the structure of water, for example, look at the distorted shapes of water reacting to harsh words such as “Adolf Hitler” and the refined, beautiful water structures associated with softer words such as “Thank You.”. Also note how sound impacts water both positively and negatively. If sound can do this to water, imagine what it can do within your body?


By placing a glass or jug of water on the EnviroVibe connected to the ultrasound generator (RoyalVibe), you will restructure your daily usage of water. This could increase the oxygen in your cells by 30% for enhanced vitality. Athletes experience less sweating, less water consumption, and higher performance.