Analyzing Equipment (Quality of Health Analyzing Kit)

A nutritionist will give a balanced diet but unfortunately, they do not know what the body requires in terms of nutrition to be able to increase certain nutrition as to add value to nutrition to be supportive to your overall health. The analyses will give you a list of nutritional shortages and this shortage can be addressed with either supplements or the suggested food within the report.

This service is based on the registered member and therefore it is client specific.

Analyzing frequency is based on your chosen membership plan. Bronze is once a month, Silver is every 2 weeks and Gold is every week.

Cancer & Oncology

Cancer is a symptom of contributing factors and by addressing the contributing factors the formation of cancer is eliminated and by strengthening the immune system together with ultrasound, cancer and cancer tumors will be destroyed.

Cancer is formed with numerous contributing factors and once ultrasound only or ultrasound in combination with other treatments has destroyed the cancer and the contributing factors are addressed with the ultrasound, your cancer will not return provided that the contributing factors are not deteriorating to cause cancer again. In the analyses one can see and identify some of the contributing factors and track the risks continuously.

Focused Ultrasound quickens healing and also reduces inflammation caused by chemo. Chemo is a chemical burn throughout the body and that burn results in inflammation. When the body has inflammation, your available immune system to fight normal bugs is on average 17% and will not have time to fight cancer. Therefore, to free-up as much as 83% of your immune system to fight cancer, one must repair the cellular chemical burn and reduce inflammation. The very reason you had cancer was the weakened immune system. Heat is formed when you have inflammation, and heat is a form of energy. 80% of a cells’ energy comes from oxygen and using that available oxygen to create heat reduces the cell energy that in turn aggravates and forms tumor cells that can once again become cancerous. Optimal health is a highly energized cell, that means sufficient oxygen in the cell and to achieve that, ultrasound and the EnviroVibe water needs to be applied.

The oncologist methodology is to treat the symptom with chemicals. Quantum physicians and energy remedy is not in their scope of practice. The oncologist will normally not advise to adjust your lifestyle and diet as clinical trials requirements is not to change lifestyle and diet to determine the effect of the medication on the condition. Our methodology is to support the entire body and address all nutritional shortages to increase the body’s ability to cope with the intervention and to help address the contributing factors for the existence of the condition.

CellQuicken clients

Please contact our support office to identify your options.

Lifestyle & Treatment using this equipment

Most conditions have a dietary change as many conditions stem from a bad diet. But you also hear of extremely health-conscious and healthy people that suddenly have a dreaded disease. And in these cases, the dietary changes might be focused more on what must NOT be eaten which could contribute to the condition suffered from. Example: a dietician would recommend a balanced diet that includes carbohydrates. Should the individual diagnosed with cancer follow the advice of a nutritionist that doesn’t understand the condition and contributing factors, it could be detrimental to the client/patient’s condition.

Medication VS Ultrasound

Our focus is to get our members medication-free by addressing the contributing factors rather than the symptoms. Should the patient be in a medical intervention using chemo and radiation, we then strongly advise the use of our membership to enable the body to cope with the destruction of cells in order to eliminate the well-documented statistics of people dying from the medical intervention that the actual condition (cancer). We do not advise an immediate ceasing of chemo or radiation but support whatever decision a client/patient makes on which treatment strategy to follow. We had incredible results working complimentary to chosen interventions and also huge results without relying on other interventions.

Medication has 2 functions: 1) blocking a signal and 2) supplying a signal molecule. Simply put, if you have pain then this pain signal must be blocked. If you have high blood sugar and low insulin, the injecting of insulin is a signal molecule allowing the function of blood sugars to drain to the cell. Focused Ultrasound cannot give the signal molecule but give the signal of that molecule. And so also address the blocking of signals, but more importantly, address the reason for a signal molecule not being signaled to be manufactured and address the imbalance of signals that need to be blocked. For example, we do not send you insulin, but send an insulin signal to drain the blood sugar, this is symptomatic treatment and addressing the root cause is sending a signal to the pancreas to manufacture the insulin being the signal molecule that in return drains the blood sugar.

We do not advise the immediate abandonment of medication intake for various reasons, like your body is used to the chemical and by instantly stopping this chemical the body will experience withdrawal symptoms and create symptomatic complications, and the other reason is that the treatment may take a week or month to address the symptom that is being suppressed with medication. We advise that you inform your medical doctor that you are in a holistic treatment programme and that your medication must be monitored and reduced as your body adjusts and repairs. For example, Blood Pressure: BP is controlled by the vegus nerve and medication stimulated the nerve thereby reducing the blood pressure. When the script is written for high BP, the ultrasound is addressing the nerve impulses of the vegus nerve, changing the sympathetic mode (stress) and if medication reduced gradually, the vegus nerve is not in sudden movement to take over entirely to manage the medication indoctrinated function. Clients record their BP after a month of treatment then reduce the medication, like halving the tablet, with a constant monitoring for a week, and then reducing to get to no medication and should the BP be stable without the medication, your vegus nerve has returned to normal functioning.


Membership is based on an individual but family members needing an acute treatment can be assisted with the quick scripts (like over counter medication).

The ultrasound transmission has 9 channel settings and provided the two units in close proximity are on different channels, they will not interfere with each other.

It is advisable to take membership for each loved one to help address present and future conditions and risks.

The product is delivered to you in a working condition and should natural disaster or theft or fire damage the unit, you are liable for the replacement value. Insurance will eliminate the risk and give peace of mind.

The financial model used for the membership is based on the belief that our clients would remain members for 10 to 20 years and longer. If something is good for you, you wouldn’t not want to have it. Life still happens with all the environmental and emotional stress, and therefore this service is an essential part of health.

The product is a rental and the costs associated with breaks are for RoyalVibe Health’s account; we as a company are liable for such costs. However, you will need to deliver the product to our courier at the closest depo. They will return it at no cost provided it was not from human error imposed onto the product by the member. If it was man-handled, the client remains liable for the repair and return costs.

The transmitter has a testing light that would indicate if your unit needs service and this test button needs to be pressed at least once a week to confirm the product is in working order and functioning correctly. In the event of it needing a service, the client will send it to the closest depo.

You are entitled to ONE FREE transfer per year. Any more than that will result in a transfer fee of $400.

Membership cancellation carries an early suspension fee or the term could be changed with a pro-rata membership adjustment.

Presently there is a 40% discount and this discount may vary or be eliminated in the future.

If you have chosen the annual payment for the first year, you can continue with annual payments or you can choose to lock in your annual discount for the entire term by settling your entire two- or three-year term. If you want to settle more than your annual payment to claim your discount, contact support to assist.

Your chosen term price is fixed and therefore there is no increase per annum.

Our Health Guarantee is a 12-month treatment term. Most clients continue using the unit long after the condition has been addressed for maintenance and we encourage clients to remain with us for a longer term than the 12-month initial treatment term. You will probably extend more than 36-months because of the experienced health improvement and maintenance.

You have a choice to either continue month-by-month or to choose a new term to extend the membership term.

Should you decide not to continue month-to-month or to extend with another term, you will need to return the equipment to your closest depo.

The equipment remains the property of RoyalVibe Health as this is a rental and service membership and NOT a purchase of equipment membership. This is NOT a rent-to-own option.

Analyzing and reporting is a service specific to a registered member but the treatment of the quick scripts (like over the counter medication) can be used for family members.

The analysis is to determine contributing factors for conditions and nutrition, and therefore more often would give a more intensive understanding of health progression. But you are limited to the plan you select.

The membership can be transferred immediately to another family member or friend without transfer fees, or that device can be returned to the company.

A membership allows transfer to one family member within a 12-month period.

We recommend you continue with the duration of your chosen membership to do a health maintenance to reinforce complete wellness, but should you want to cancel you have 2 options: 1) cancel with a cancellation fee determined at the time of cancellation or 2) the duration could change for example a 36-month duration could be change to a 12- or 24-month duration with a pro-rata membership adjustment.

The equipment rental is the base for all plans, and the service varies between the plans. The service for Bronze entails one risk report per month, one individualized script per month, and therefore one comparison of reports per month, and one nutrition report per month. For Silver, it becomes 2 and Gold becomes 4 per month.

The frequency of individualized script updates used for treatment is based on the membership plan chosen; once a month for Bronze, every 2 weeks for Silver and every week for Gold.

Membership is based on a person receiving this service of analyses, reporting and individualized scripts. It is best to have a membership per person in need of service.

Upgrading membership can occur at any time whereas a downgrade will only be available by the next billing cycle.

Should you be on the Intensive-Health Plan (Gold) and the condition is successfully addressed, you may want to downgrade the intensity of service whilst continuing with health maintenance.

Mindset Reprogramming Equipment (BrainVibe)

The BrainVibe is a self-help and self-setup application that is guided by documentation and videos as chosen by you. You have full control of the affirmations and images that would be exposed to your brain entertainment. Neuroplasticity is a new field of understanding that could be read-up online through Dr Joe Dispenzer and neuroscientist Dr Caroline Leaf.

Must Know

The initial use of ultrasound may result in a short-lived headache or nausea or other symptoms that may come from your medication and is normally noted in the common side-effects as in your medication leaflets. This is because you are being both medicated and addressing the signal blocking or creating functions with ultrasound.

The RoyalVibe Health membership is designed for the layman and not to use medical terms. Clear instructions are given to simplify understanding.

New members are required to complete a comprehensive health history questionnaire and to notify us of all previous diagnoses even though many of them are misdiagnosed. 55% of all cancers are either misdiagnosed or wrongly treated and therefore the history must be taken into consideration together with the analyses of contributing factors.

The analyzing component of the service is to identify the possible risks of conditions and the underlying contributing factors that can lead to a condition, or to identify what contributed to your condition. The report gives the risk markers that is your categories and shows a percentage of risk based on our experience, education, and professional analyses. Your medical doctor uses symptoms to match a diagnosis that maps to a medication. We prefer the reason for the diagnosis, which means the contributing factors that are mostly seen in the analyzing and reporting of the RoyalVibe Health service.

Our Clients Testimonies

The success of improvement is 100%. The success of complete wellness is extremely high for those clients following the protocols. Some clients come to know of this service only once the medical doctors cannot do anything for them. Then only do they search for answers outside their direct access to medical doctors. Some cancer patients are sent home from hospital with days or weeks to live. Those clients experience immediate improvement by feeling more energetic and less pain, but unfortunately, we do not save everybody with a terminal condition.

Due to the fact that doctors are involved with the client, there is client/doctor confidentiality and our doctors do not compromise on their ethics Therefore, clients are asked to give a video of their experience out of free will that is shared on both our and websites. If you do not mind sharing your experience via video please do so as to increase the testimonial videos available from clients not minding to share their medical condition and progress.

PC & Mobile Requirements

RoyalVibe is controlled with a mobile application, and this mobile application is available on iPhone and Android. The Android must be version 5+ and later.

We are asked this question from the elderly and Mac users. The need for a PC is to run you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly analyses. We suggest you ask a friend or family member to gain access to their computer to run this 1-4 times per month analyses lasting roughly 3 minutes to upload the results to the online platform. Once this information is on the online platform, you can access it anywhere from a web browser, on Mac or Mobile.

Preventative Treatment

The membership includes lifestyle and diet advice, and the analyses identify contributing factors that could result in a condition. Therefore, maintenance is done by knowing what the risks and reasons for future conditions are.

Health risks are normally the first priority and once the risk is eliminated, a maintenance plan can be implemented to steer from future health conditions.


Clients give testimony of their dogs and cats choosing to lie on the transmitter and being sensitive to energies, expressing proof that the pet finds the treatment to be beneficial. Some clients purchase a membership for their pets to address conditions, and we have experienced incredible results from treating pets. It also indicates that the treatment is not merely a placebo effect. A canary breeder who found that 9 out of 10 of their canaries died even after being treated with medicine during winter months, purchased a membership for the canaries. After using the device during the same winter months, they experienced zero deaths. This client’s export clients commented on the quality of the birds’ overall health and that they had no deaths during the shipment of birds.

Focused Ultrasound is safe for any person or child and our youngest client was 3 days old, using the equipment to address fever that has resulted in the child never needing to take any medication since 2016 to date.

FDA has approved selected treatments done by Focused Ultrasound where a clinical trial was able to be done and proved to the FDA that this treatment protocol is successful. The RoyalVibe device is not FDA approved as it is an engineered product utilised for scripts from the doctor platform. However, the doctors creating the ultrasound treatment scripts are registered and board certified. The reason for the RoyalVibe device not going through FDA approval is the fact that human trials must be done, thereby eliminating a holistic approach. This means nutritional shortages may not be addressed whilst treatment is on trial, reducing the holistic approach for complete wellness. Dr Raymond is not willing to sign-off the order for a human trial as 50% of the human trial must be given fake treatment that is considered to be immoral and compromising the code of ethics to do the utmost best for each patient/client to address the condition. The 50% of people receiving fake the treatment that is needed to comply with trial standards, means that there is knowingly no treatment given to 50% or patients/clients with conditions.

The development of a foetus is still unknown as to what could influence development, and therefore we cannot say whether it could influence the foetus and we are not willing to do a trial. Although the treatment was used successfully on a failing pregnancy (one that was highly likely to miscarry).

Spine & Back Treatment using the Therapy Balls

A chiropractor will manipulate the alignment of the spine. The spine is misaligned due to muscles under tension or in spasm. Therefore, the muscle must release for the spine to align, the muscle is controlled by the nervous system and therefore the nervous system must be attended to for the muscle to release the tension and thus chiropractor visits can be reduced and eliminated with the spine align treating the nervous system and aligning the spine. The spine align is done at home with or without help from a family member.


Membership does not only entail ultrasound that is beneficial to any client at any stage of health, but also the analyses determining future risks, present contributing factors, nutritional shortages and hydration being addressed with EnviroVibe. Since 2016, CellQuicken clients who purchased the ultrasound equipment who are offered a health improvement guarantee, have not once, in 4 years, ever requested this health guarantee refund! Your membership carries a guarantee that you would improve and should the analyses not show improvement, and the client does not experience improvement, the outstanding membership may be cancelled without any penalties to the cancellation period.

The RoyalVibe clients give testimony to a deeper sleep experienced when using the ultrasound that increases the natural healing vibration of the body. Many clients purchase the membership specifically for sleep apnea and insomnia. Clients with severe sleep apnea needing a sleep apnea apparatus normally do not need the use of such a device within a week.

If you have high blood pressure and your partner has low blood pressure, your treatment of either would influence your partner. In our medical questionnaire we specifically request an understanding of your partner as to not be treating the member with a directly conflicting condition. Example: high blood pressure would not be treated intensively but more blood pressure balance would receive more attention as to gradually address the high blood pressure, this would simultaneously address the low blood pressure.

We prefer you not to take supplements and get all nutrition through food, but knowing the quality of farming reducing the quality of nutrition in our food, the amount of nutrition may not suffice. You may have to consume too much food to obtain sufficient nutrition, and therefore you may need to top-up your nutrition intake with supplementation.

The most valuable treatment happens when the body is in the natural vibration of repair and recover that happens whilst you sleep. You can still use the product 24 hours a day without the fear of overuse and many in critical conditions who are bedridden utilize it 24/7. Those in careers may choose to commute with the device/travel with it and run scripts whilst stationery at a workspace.

The main reason for you deteriorating is not eliminated if it was lifestyle, stress, emotions and quality of food. If the above has changed or eliminated, your probability of the need for the product is no longer present and maintenance scripts are not needed. By default, you need the product as life still happens with its daily stress and environmental impact on our health.

The fortunate value of ultrasound is the absence of side-effects and overdosing of script application.

For severe cases like cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions, you would be treating yourself daily with the minimum of 8 hours per day. If it is for minor ailments, you may choose to run those scripts once or twice a week. For spine alignment, the treatment may be carried out once a day for 2 weeks, thereafter 3 times a week for 2 weeks, and thereafter twice a week.

There are roughly 7000 quick treatments to choose from and you do not have limited access to these 7000 scripts.

Your first approach would be to address your critical conditions, and once the critical condition is successfully treated, you could mover into a maintenance and address other conditions. The quick scripts (like over-counter medication) amount to just about 7000 scripts that can be chosen and used at will without the fear of side-effects.

Different conditions have different outcomes and generally for conditions like cancer, it varies between 2 months and 18 months, depending on the severity and client compliance to the process. Diabetes 2 is mostly successful under 2 months, whereas Diabetes 1 is more likely a 6-month process. For a headache, it could be 5 minutes to 50 minutes. For back pain and muscle spasms, between 20 minutes and 24 hours to address the origin. For aligning the spine, it is a 5 minute process.

Treatment for Pets

The analyzing of pets has been reported to be successful to identify nutritional shortages and contributing factors for conditions.

Using the Equipment

The ultrasound transmitter is more effective the closer it is to the person being treated, being treated, similar to a magnet’s field that is big but only felt once you are close to it. Therefore, the closer the transmitter the higher the impact of the ultrasound.

The equipment is easy enough to use, with instruction videos that our oldest client of 94 is able to manage.

Water Treatment Equipment (EnviroVibe)

We recommend your clean water be used on the EnviroVibe and not chemically compromised water. By using unfiltered water, you will still be exposed to heavy metals and pathogens like bacteria in the water. The restructuring of water does not purify it, but restructures the molecule clusters for easy absorption in the aquaporin in the cell.

The equipment treats your water for better hydration and the amount of water being treated is not limited and therefore the entire family or household could benefit from the treated water.

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