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Analysis FAQs

Can anybody use CellQuicken Analyzer?

CellQuicken Analyzer is a completely safe and effective device for all ages.

It’s even safe for use on home pets such as dogs and cats.

How often can I do the analysis?

We recommend doing your analysis every 2 weeks, but you can do it as often as every day if you want to.

I already have a Cell Quicken Analyzer, what's next?

Please contact our team and they can provide you with detailed next steps for your case.

Treatment FAQs

Does Bioresonance Focused Ultrasound Treatment replace Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine usually treats the symptoms of the disease but not the cause of it. RoyalVibe Health goes beyond and offers an effective and innovative solution without any side effects.

Can I use it along with conventional medicine?

Yes, and we encourage our patients to do that. Understandably, not everyone is going to be comfortable using alternative solutions on their own. But, as mentioned previously, medicines are given to patients to treat their symptoms, while the RoyalVibe Health treatment aims to treat the root cause. Considering all this, using our treatment with conventional medicine is a good way to balance your health.

Safety FAQs

Is the treatment safe for people around me?

Yes, it’s 100% harmless for any person around you. Actually, people in less than 20 feet range can potentially receive similar benefits if they have the same condition.

Is it FDA approved?

While Focused Ultrasound Treatment is an FDA-approved technology, RoyalVibe Health uses a different variation of this technology that applies to the whole body. But do keep in mind that while this variation is not FDA-approved, it is created by registered and board-certified doctors.

FDA approval requires performing a placebo random control trial where 50% of patients will get nothing while the second half will receive treatment using our technology.  We don’t believe it is a moral way to achieve FDA approval, and it is compromising the code of ethics to do the utmost best for each patient/client to address the condition.

Can children and older people use it?

Yes, there is absolutely no age limit to Focused Ultrasound Therapy and its effectiveness.

Effectiveness FAQs

What is your success rate?

Legally we can’t reveal or claim any success rate. We can say that many people get great results with our therapy, and they are satisfied with our treatment therapy.

What devices does it work on?

Our focused ultrasound treatment device works on all platforms, but the Cell-Quicken Analyzer is not available for Apple products as of now.

Membership FAQs

Can I transfer membership to another family member?

A membership allows transfer to one family member within a 12-month period. After this period you will need to purchase another membership.

Can I cancel my membership if I have financial issues?

Membership cancellation carries an early suspension fee, or the term could be changed with a pro-rata membership adjustment. Please reach out to our patient support team for further questions.

Insurance & Guarantee FAQs

Do I need insurance for my product?

You do not need product protection insurance. However, it may benefit you if you do have it.

Do You Offer Any Guarantee?

Yes, we offer a five-year, absolutely risk-free warranty. We will replace your device if it is no  longer working due to technical or quality reasons.

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