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Our mission is to give people access to affordable and drug-less health.

RoyalVibe Health Ultrasound Therapy

What IsRoyalVibe Health?

RoyalVibe Health, founded in 2013 with one purpose only – to give people access to affordable and drugless health.

The company is based in UAE Dubai, and we have a worldwide client base. RoyalVibe Health provides clients with medicine-free health 

It’s been less than a decade, but RoyalVibe Health has already helped thousands of people around the world.

Our slogan, “We Strive For Complete Wellness!”, has become famous among people who have already tried our revolutionary products and enjoyed their amazing benefits.

NO DOCTORS. NO HOSPITALS. NO DRUGS. The company, with the original founder in front of it, has set up high standards and a lifelong mission to take care of every person who needs help and is dealing with mild and severe health conditions.

As of today, with an amazing team of enthusiastic doctors and engineers, has already helped over 2000 people worldwide to live the completely healthy and pain-free lives they are used to.

If you are looking for a life without pain and with a “Complete Wellness,” there is no better place to go than RoyalVibe Health and its amazing community.” – our patients say.


To become a member at RoyalVibe Health, you need to be a member of RoyalVibe Alliance. RoyalVibe Alliance is a non-profit Special Interest Group, registered in the USA, that allows clients and advisors to speak freely and allow others to choose their treatment freely without been judged or persecuted.

CEO & FounderDr. Venter

” Just come to Dr Venter and do not say too much. Let the machine do the work and find out what is wrong with you.” – Dr. Irene James – Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University (USA) about Dr. Venter and his Revolutionary CellQuicken “Complete Wellness” Machine.


Dr. Venter started his career as a Medical Doctor in 1997 with a goal in mind to have a healthy and drugless society one day and that with his help, every household will have access to affordable and medicine-free health.

He is also a 2 time Ph.D. in natural medicine and a BSC in Holistic Science.

Dr Venter’s father’s disease inspired the creation of this technology in late 2013. He was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, and doctors were already hopeless and even rejected to do Chemotherapy because “he would have died faster.”

Dr. Venter managed to create a revolutionary “Bioresonance Focused Ultrasound Machine” in this short time frame, which was his last piece of hope, and he saw amazing results in the healing process.

Dr. Venter is not a traditional doctor. And these machines Dr. Venter created almost a decade ago have been successfully used by over 2000 people who now live complete difference lives.

The people who come to his clinic usually don’t come with cold, flu, or other similar conditions(even though they can). They come with more severe health conditions such as various types of Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Fatty Liver, Kidney Failure, Coronary Heart Disease, and many others.

On top of his accomplishments in the health industry and saving thousands of people’s lives, Dr Venter is also a loving father and husband to his son Jarrod and wife Yolandi.

If you feel that this is a health community you want to be a part of or have a health problem you want to solve, go to the “How It Works” sections or contact us directly here.

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How can we help you?

We can treat conditions withComprehensive Holistic Therapy

RoyalVibe Health creates a holistic personalized strategy and

therapy protocol specified for your needs . 

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