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What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to help facilitate a drugless society and give every household access to affordable, and medicine-free health!

Meet Dr. Raymond Venter

Managing DirectorRoyalVibe Health

Dr. Raymond Venter serves as a Doctor and Executive Director for RoyalVibe Health. His strong belief and the story of his own father’s health drives him to create a drug-free society and develop products and services that improve or completely reverse the lives of those who want to achieve complete wellness.


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How can we help you?

We can treat these conditions withBioresonance Focused Ultrasound Technology Therapy

We use "Bioresonance Focused Ultrasound" technology to treat different conditions, like Alzheimer's,  Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, and many others. When conventional medication fails, our treatment has over a 90% success rate in improving patient conditions.

RoyalVibe HealthCan help you leave your health problems behind

Whether you are suffering from a severe health condition or want to know what is going on in your body because you are not sure how healthy you really are, we have a solution for you!

How Does It Work?

At Royalvibe Health, we provide an ultrasound treatment solution for your condition.

Our focus is on addressing the condition and the root causes to provide a permanent treatment solution instead of a temporary relief.

Step 1: Analyze

We use revolutionary Bioresonance Focused Ultrasound technology to connect with every cell in your body(over 70 trillion of them) and detect every issue, disease, deficiency, or just about every imbalance you may have.

It’s a device that speaks the same language as your body cells!

 No more Expensive Doctor Visits, no More Urinated Supplements, No More Short-Term, and Ineffective Medicine Treatments!

The Kit contains hardware, software, online reporting, and comparisons of previous recordings. The sound signature is recorded by holding a probe in your hand and collecting data for 60 seconds. It’s enough for interpretation and it shows up in a graph with 250 different elements. Each element has an easy-to-understand description so that people without medical knowledge can understand what the reading means.

Step 2: Heal

What if we told you that you could be FREE OF Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Cardiovascular, or just about any other disease you can think of?

It’s almost unbelievable, right?

While we can’t claim that we heal every single person who walks through our door, our success rate is in the high 90s!

That’s because the technology and specific strategy we use is highly effective in healing some of the deadliest and health-damaging diseases people have. Including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many others…

Even at the end stages of these conditions, our patients don’t lose hope, and most of the time, we can help them see improvement.

You can read more about how our revolutionary treatment can help you here:


What Our Patients Say


As a Doctor with a PhD in Integrative Medicine from Quantum University (USA), my client referrals usually come in the form of a message such as the following one received this morning: "Hi Dr James. I sent your number to my friend S……  She has been struggling with her health and the doctors don't seem to be able to heal her.   Her condition is just worsening and the medical drugs are giving her terrible side effects.   I told her to just come to Dr. Raymond and not say too much and let the machine find out what is wrong with her. Please squeeze her in ASAP."

The "machine" referred to here is the "CellQuicken Analyzer"– an oscilloscope, which is not a diagnostic instrument.   However, when held for one minute, this Analysis instrument will perform a focussed ultrasound which results in an extensive report of the client's 32 systems/organs that shows the client's bioenergetics fields that are imbalanced.

This is then recorded and presented as a percentage risk report, based on certain markers associated with each of the main the cause of health risks.  These include: Heart Attack, Stroke, Low Stomach Acid, Type-2 Diabetes, Tumour, Cancer, Autoimmune Disease, Alzheimer's/Parkinson's/Dementia, Osteoporosis, and Kidney Failure.

It's like having a team of specialists in the room rolled into one, integrated instrument that can immediately determine the root cause of the client's discomfort and disease instead of focussing on the client's description of their symptoms.

Once I have scanned the client and drawn the instant report, I am able to suggest lifestyle changes, supplementation, therapies and other remedies that balance the bioenergetics systems of the human body. Importantly the session becomes a learning occasion for the client, who then starts to see his or her body as an integrated whole, instead of individual organs that operate separately.

Dr. Irene James
Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine

I found out about "CellQuicken Analyzer" when I was for my appointment at Steve Biko Acedemic hospital when I was told by an older gentleman about Cellquicken and Dr Raymond Venter.

Then at home I went and Google it. I also saw Dr Raymond on the health Chanel on TV

At that time I was already diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I had chemo 2 times so my body was very much depleted from nutrients. It helped me with knowing what my body needed to strengthen my immune system and helped me feel much more energetic. I also experienced less pain and therefore now drink no more pain pills.

"CellQuicken Analyzer" gives me such an in-depth analysis of what is going on in my body and what my body needs, it also gives me the solutions how to correct it.

I really can't say I had any doubts, I just got something that might help me in my healing process and I strongly wanted to get hold of it.

Now I feel great and thankful!! I am totally of pain medication. I have changed my diet. I am drinking lots more water. I am trying to reduce my stress levels. I am trying to get more sleep.

"CellQuicken Analyzer" is a diverse tool that can help anybody with any ailment to recover mentally, emotionally and physically.

And here is what I have to say to other people who still have doubts:

You will make a great investment in your own health and in your family's health!

Former Cancer Patient

Hello Dr. Raymond, I wanted to do a video but I don't know if I could sound authentic …. So I wrote out some of what I would like to say…

I found the CellQuicken website link on a random tweet on Twitter, which now I know was a synchronicity.

I have been on the lookout for technology that is different from the world of modern medicine and from the moment I read what CellQuicken and the Royal Vibe are all about I was on a mission to get this product.

I have set myself on a rapid path to COMPLETE wellness. The CellQuicken Analyzer was so easy to hook up and to run the test.

Seeing the results in a completely comprehensive printout with so much information detailing what the readouts mean and the information needed to move in the right direction to better health and overall wellness was and is exactly what I needed.

My results allowed me to be able to immediately address all of the vitamin and mineral deficiencies as well as know more information about every system in my body than I believe any one doctor could ever tell me.

I love having this available. It is so empowering.

Honestly, the future of taking COMPLETE care of yourself is here now, and with the ALL of the CellQuicken products and programs, you will be grateful that you found it when you did. I certainly am and so are my people who are precious to me.

The knowledge to better control your future is priceless!

Former Cancer Patient

Hello Dr. Raymond,

I am honored to provide you with some of my feedback about my experience with RoyalVibe. I am very impressed with the technology.   I use the RoyalVibe every night. Dr. Raymond Venter is brilliant and his health treatments via ultrasound are state-of-the art. I am very impressed with the technology and the great service that he and his company provide to people around the world. We are in a  health crisis in today’s troubling times, and the RoyalVibe helps me to face these challenges with far more confidence than relying on only traditional medicine, which often makes one sicker with their damaging side effects.

The customer service and tech support are also excellent! I highly recommend the RoyalVibe and have the utmost respect for Dr. Raymond Venter.

My wishes to you for good health!

Kind regards,

Carmen Hawes
Former Cancer Patient
Oom Jannie Dementia Testimonial

"She remembers many things she didn't remember before... I actually got my wife back"


Hannes Van Rensburg Testimonial

"I am 71 years old. And I can exercise for 2 hours without getting tired. I realized the unlimited energy that I have now. In a time span of 2 weeks"

Hannes van Rensburg
Ludwig Eybers Testimonial

"My kidneys went from 8% function to 11% function, and I can see your face"

Ludwig Eybers
Rina Smit Testimonial

"My bladder infection was completely healed... Every day it got better and better. It didn't feel like it before I used the machine.

I sleep very deep now and I feel well-rested.

The more I think about the investment I made in this, the more I realize that I can improve the quality of my life, even if I get older."

Rina Smit

"I was very happy to be able to walk again... I could walk 500 metres which is an incredible result"


Gert van Tonder

"I could barely breathe. It felt like I am going to faint... It felt like this machine gave me a renewal."


Yvonne Olivier

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